Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time flies! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple weeks. If you read my main blog you know it's been a bit busy around here.

I do have a couple projects going, nothing major except the never-ending king-sized triple-skein goes on and on and on and on.

I frogged the entire dang Must Have Blouse, after being 3/4 complete. I don't know what the problem was with the pattern but I followed the gauge, used the small size instead of my usual medium because the measurements used in the pattern were borderline for me, and I could tell that this top would be several times too big for me. It was nowhere near a medium but more likely a 2X if not 3X. I battled with the decision, having never frogged anything that big, but it came down to the fact I LOVE the yarn and can't stand the thought of it sitting in the form of a sweater I would NEVER wear, stuck in some drawer, when I can use the yarn for some other adorable project!

I started Meg's Butterfly Dress but it's taken a back seat with other stuff going on, but will get there. It's a mixture of primarily soft yellow with flecks of pink, blue, and green; every third row of soft pink. Crocheted appliques will be attached after completion in the shapes of butterflies etc.

I'm finishing up my mom's Haekelbeutel since she's coming the 20th. She'll be here for my husband's surgery so I know she'll be a great help and I know she really wants this bag. It's the yarn I know she likes the colorway of and hopefully she will be pleased with it. It's Sugar N Cream Confections though I can't off the top of my head remember the name, but it's variegated creams & beiges. I don't think I will with this one but on my next I will attempt a lining. I don't want to mess hers up in the learning process.

My Annie draw-string bag is nearly done, having worked on it at length during my 6 year old's time at the hospital a couple weeks ago for a bad urinary tract infection.

My iPod armband has proven very helpful. I don't run or anything--more like wheel but not for sport--but I do wear it while crafting and the armband keeps the wires and such out of my way while crocheting and sewing. I am very happy with it and hey you can't go wrong with velcro LOL.

Everything can be seen with details along with my other projects at my Ravelry page.

As for sewing, tonight I made a bandana of sorts. Instead of tying it around the neck and risk catching dog hairs, I sewed a slipcover for her collar to take away that pesky collar-itch, using a decorative stitch, then the bandana comes off that! With it being 2-ply instead of 1, and a pressing, it looks much more professional that single thickness. Her next one I am going to use contrasting fabric to stitch on her initial LOL. Hmmm. I wonder if there may be a market for non-itch collar cover bandanas out there? I know, I'm desperate, but I have to think of a way to get us to Baltimore for the surgery. I will post a pic over on the side of the page since the sewing ones don't go on Ravelry.


Mama huggles said...
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Dee Hall said...

I would like to buy six of the collar bandanas. Do you just need the neck size? I have 2 chihuahuas, 1 yorkie, 1 pug, 1 mini schnauzer and 1 pit bull. Quit the mix huh. I would also like to know the address for the canceled stamps fundraiser. Thanks. I hope all is well.


hbergsby said...


I miss reading your "main" blog .... I've read it from day one and when you closed it recently I didn't know how to try to get back on! Is there a way I can do this? I was really looking forward to hearing about your therapy-dog training!

Best wishes, Heidi

Dee Hall said...

Hi Keesha..
I just came home today from LI. I had CCFw/pfd last tuesday. Im sorry for posting on here, but I have now way to reply on your other blog. Im glad to hear your surgery went well in MD. You were on my mind while I lay in my hospital bed. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Be Well