Thursday, October 9, 2008


I am so sorry I had no idea there were comments for me at this board! I just switched the settings so notifications are sent to me. I'm sorry! For all of those who wondered about my brain/Chiari blog, it is back open again. I had to take it down temporarily but it is up again. Thanks for your patience!

On a sidenote I can't crochet right now due to my surgery last week in Maryland. It's taking me ages to type these entries as I'm being picky about capitals and such--something very hard to do with one hand.

Sewing is a bit easier since it pretty much just uses a pedal and 1 hand. I would be glad to make pet bandanas that slip over their collar. I have lots of material to pick from if you prefer certain colors or gender color preferences. Bandanas/collar slipcovers are 3.00 each or 5/12.00 (i.e. buy 4 get 1 free). S/H via USPS is 2.15 no matter how many you order and will be sent in a padded/bubble mailer; if you would like faster shipping I can use a USPS flat rate priority mail envelope for 4.80.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts! I am so glad to have found sewing this year and hope to be crocheting again soon! Crafts are awesome occupational therapy not to mention great for stress relief!

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