Monday, September 8, 2008

What in the world?

My materials came in for Meg's Butterfly Dress.

Along with it came 4 TLC Baby in pink. The thing is, I have never used TLC Baby, rarely use pink, and have NO idea why I bought it. I verified the order and indeed I must have had a specific reason for buying it or else I would not have wasted the money (ok yes I used an excellent coupon as always but still--I would not have spent it unnecessarily).

So now I'm driving myself crazy wondering what great project I can't remember I was going to do.

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Dee Hall said...

How are you? I tried emailing you.. to no avail. I see you have changed your other blog to private. I was worried about you. So are a pile of other people at asap. Im going in for CCF w/PFD 9/30. I wanted to talk to you.. Could you email I can send you my number?? Please let me know..I hope you are feeling better..

Be Well