Thursday, June 19, 2008

Caps and Babettes

I want thank everyone at both Crochetville and Bev's Charity Challenge for their awesome support and help with the brain surgery cap donation program I've recently started up. So many have come forward wanting to help make caps and it means so much to me knowing we will be able to help my fellow patients.

I would like to send great hugs and thanks to Maureen and Debbie for the beautiful caps they sent this week!

I finally finished DS's Babette blanket, which not only thrills him but also DD since I wouldn't let her have hers until her brother's was done. I finished hers quite quickly in the fall because I wanted it done before December's artery surgery in Baltimore.

Along with the brain surgery caps I'm continuing the daily work on the NICU baby caps and booties, wash cloths, dish cloths and dish scrubbies for the domestic violence shelter. I'm also starting to work on Christmas gifts for my immediate family, having finished the list yesterday of what needs done. I hope working this far ahead will help get things done without putting me on overload.

A few people have asked if they could sew caps as well. SURE!!! Brain surgery patients can indeed wear sewn caps of fleece, flannel, or cotton.

Anyone wanting to find some great patterns for caps to knit, crochet, or sew can check out these two wonderful pattern sites for a great start!

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